Doris Maria Bregolisse

Doris' Story

An award winning broadcast journalist whose career spanned nearly three decades in TV news, radio, print and digital media in Kelowna, British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley, Doris Maria Bregolisse retired from telling stories about the day's events locally and from around the world in 2021 to pursue a career that would continue to help tell people’s stories on a more personal level.

Having grown up on a pastoral acreage in Metro Vancouver, Doris helped her father build homes - a side business that helped her newly-Canadian parents prosper. Hard work, love, good food and faith were the cornerstone of every home they lived in. As she branched out from journalism school to begin her career in the Okanagan, Doris found herself creating her own Home Stories as her family expanded, changed and evolved.

Doris believes a real estate transaction is more than just choosing the right property to meet our own basic human needs. "Our homes are a place of evolution as we journey through our lives," Doris says. " As I focused on the next stage of my professional career that began as a communicator, I had to think about what I do best and how to best share this gift with others."

Doris is an intent listener and in listening to people tell their stories, she believes there are always clues about what means most to them: family, career, freedom and security among many motivators.

The United Way recruited Doris to be their charitable champion for numerous recent years. Doris helped kick off fundraising campaigns with her Master of Ceremony skills and championed personal fundraisers through baking that included traditional family recipes.

Doris and her husband Dan have raised a large family and continue writing that story from their home on Dilworth Mountain, where they love being close to nature and each other.

Let Doris help you discern the best “Home Story” to suit you!

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